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FREE Credit Card Reader
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Standard Plan

0.4% + 8¢ $10/month. Account Fee
  • The Clean Rate plan helps merchants save and earn more money when using our cc processing program. For as little as $10 per month, merchants can accept as many credit card transactions as they want, plus a small percentage and fee per transaction. No surprises!

Freedom Plan / Cash Discount Plan

Offer Cash Discount!
  • No Fees Charged over $18K per month are eligible to have the monthly fee waived. Credit Card processing fees 3% will be passed on to your Customer

Accept Credit Cards in your store or anywhere...

ARS PAY offers credit card processing for small business online or at your physical location, no matter where you are. Accept payments on your POS system, mobile device, or online.





Why Should You Choose ARS Pay?


Credit Card Reader


Hidden Fees


Long-Term Commitment


Early Termination Fee

Accept all major Debit &

Credit Cards + EBT

Compare American Pay with other Companies:

Other companies
Clean Rate Monthly Fee
Credit Card Terminal
Hundreds of dollars
POS PIN PAD Integration
Early Termination Fee
Up to $450
Rate – Card Present (swipe)
0.4% + 8¢
2.75% + 10¢
Rate – Card not Present (Keyed in)
0.8% + 10¢
3.75% + 20¢
Late Batch (Rapid Funding)
Cash Discount Program (0% )

Credit Card (Reader)?

Credit Card Readers

The price of a credit card machine for a small business can seem expensive. However, in order to compete, stores need to be able to accept many forms of payment. To help, we created an optional credit card processing system that you can use with the American Retail Solutions POS system. Our POS system works better than a basic cash register, and the credit card terminal comes at an affordable price.

What Is an EMV Machine?

An EMV card reader lets customers use a credit or debit card to pay for their purchase. Our EMV machine features the latest card processing technology, including a credit card reader for chip cards. It can take regular cards, cards with chips and mobile payments. Once the customer uses their card or their phone for payment, they’ll enter a PIN or sign their name to finish payment. The machine features an attached digital pen that customers can use to press buttons on the screen or sign their name.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)?

Credit card processing is a payment acceptance beyond cash using credit, debit, EBT, or other cards that can be tapped, swiped, dipped, or keyed manually on a credit card terminal. POS credit card processing is most safely done with a separate card reader that connects to the point-of-sale system. This ensures a more secure environment to protect cardholders from data theft.

To accept credit card payments, you will need a credit card machine, sign up for an account, and link up your credit card processing with your bank. American Pay provides a free credit card terminal when you sign up for either of the processing plans.

The credit card machine cannot be rented and is provided by the credit card company. American Pay provides credit card terminals for small business use, included in the cost of the credit card processing plan. If you need more than one POS terminal, please check our pricing online or contact us.

You’ll get a calibrated retail credit card processor included with your American Pay plan, so you don’t need to buy one. If you buy one, it will need to be calibrated by your company. Why buy it when it’s provided for free with NRS Pay.

Yes, for card payment transactions to be able to batch, an internet connection is critical. Some credit card machines need to be hard-wired, and some can be wireless. Our credit card machine is compatible with our POS system, which instantly is connected to the internet.

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